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2015 - Yearbooks 114-117

SAVE 50% on the Complete Overview of Opening Theory in 2015
by The NIC Editorial team

2015 - Yearbooks 114-117
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Our Price: € 119,95 € 59,95

Publisher: New In Chess, 2015
Edition: Paperback medium
Items: 4
Pages: 1000
Language: English

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For a complete picture of all opening developments in 2015.

Now with a discount of 50%!

This package includes:
-- four 256-pages issues
-- with more than 1,000 pages
-- containing more than 100 Surveys
-- lots of columns, reviews and previews
-- and hundreds of practical opening exercises!


If you subscribe to the Yearbook you will:
-- receive each issue
-- every three months
-- right after publication
-- in the mail
-- for a much lower price than buying single copies would cost you!

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