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Beating the King's Indian and Grünfeld

It is Time for White to Strike Back!
by Timothy Taylor

Beating the King's Indian and Grünfeld

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Publisher: Everyman Chess, 2006
Edition: Paperback medium
ISBN: 1-85744-428-0
ISBN 13: 978-1-85744-428-5
Pages: 222
Language: English

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The King's Indian and the Grunfeld are two of Black's most popular answers to 1 d4; unsurprising given that they were long-time favouritesof chess legends Garry Kasparov and, before him, Bobby Fischer.

Brimming with complexity and dynamism, these two openings often leave those playing White scratching their heads wondering how to squeeze even the slightest of advantages out of the opening and, just as crucially, how to avoid becoming swamped in a morass of complicated theory.

It’s time for White to strike back! In this book, Timothy Taylor gets to grips with the King's Indian and Grunfeld, providing White with a number of easy-to-learn and effective weapons which are specially designed tocause Black maximum discomfort.

Taylor examines the typical tactical and positional ideas for both players, highlighting the tricks and pitfalls onemust look out for. A study of this book will allow the reader to battle againstthe King's Indian and the Grunfeld with renewed confidence.

  • Written by a renowned openings expert
  • Weapons against two of Black's most popular defences
  • Ideal for club and tournament players
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