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Beating the Pirc & Modern Defences

Foxy 11: The 150 Attack
by Andrew Martin

Beating the Pirc & Modern Defences

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Publisher: ChessOnDVD, 2009
Edition: DVD
79 min.:
Language: English

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Outfox Your Opponents with:

. The Latest Theory
. Cunning Opening plans and Ideas
. Surprise Weapons and New Analysis

Repertoire for White with 1. e4. Powerful system against the Pirc and Modern Defenses favored by GM's such as Vishy Anand and Michael Adams.

As White you build up with pawns onn e4 and d4, knights on c3 and f3, with 5.Be3 and 6.Qd2 to follow. You can play the 150 Attack against all Modern and Pirc move orders.

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