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Chess Openings Encyclopedia 2013 (Download)

500 000 Expert Evaluations
by The Chess Assistant team

Chess Openings Encyclopedia 2013 (Download)

Our Price: € 23,95

Publisher: Convekta, 2013
Edition: Download
Language: English

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This excellent program for learning chess openings includes theoretical material on every opening, a user-friendly and detailed classification of variations, a quick search option and an option for analyzing games and positions.

There are two ways of studying an opening: by looking through encyclopedic tables for chosen openings or variations and by moving along a Chess Tree displaying expert evaluations of a current position.

Openings material is based upon:

• 500 000 expert evaluations, verified and corrected by Rybka
• 8000 annotations to key moves
• 40 million evaluations by Houdini and Rybka engines 
• Database of 4,800,000 games as of April 1, 2013.

A Rybka 2.3 program is integrated into the Encyclopedia with a possibility of simple connection to Houdini 3, Rybka 4 or other UCI and Winboard engines. A powerful system of search according to player’ name, position, positional element, motif and material correlation is supported.

A test of opening mode will allow you to test your knowledge and your skill of playing in your chosen opening against the program and to obtain recommendations automatically.

Language versions: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian

System requirements: PC, 128 MB RAM, 2.5GB of free disk space, Windows 8/7/XP/Vista

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