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Find the Right Plan with Anatoly Karpov

The Key to Success
by Anatoly Karpov, Anatoly Mazukevich

Find the Right Plan with Anatoly Karpov

Our Price: € 18,95

Publisher: Batsford, 2010
Edition: Paperback medium
ISBN: 978-1-9063-8868-3
Pages: 240
Language: English

The legendary Anatoly Karpov has won over 250 Grandmaster tournaments, many more than any other player in chess history, and his games are characterised by his gradually and patiently pushing an opponent back to the wall, before finally finishing him off with a deadly blow.

In this unique book, aimed at ordinary club players, Karpov gives a wealth of tips on how to incorporate this dramatic style of play into your own repertoire, through careful planning and evaluation of positions: looking at the fire-power of your forces, being aware of threats to your own king and how to safeguard it, and careful control of open lines.

As he says himself: ‘Finding the right plan is the key to success’.

Warmily and accessibly written, but with Karpov’s usual air of authority, this book makes you feel like you are spending an evening with the man himself, and will help you to absorb a little bit of the Karpov magic.

• One of the world’s greatest chess players reveals the secrets of how he plans his play

• Packed with invaluable information on how to mobilise your forces, avoid threats and win the game

• Illustrated with a wealth of annotated examples from the author’s own games

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