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Foxy 124: The Dynamic Pirc Defence, Part 1

The Austrian Attack, 1...d6, 2...Nf6 and 3...g6.
by Andrew Martin

Foxy 124: The Dynamic Pirc Defence, Part 1
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Publisher: ChessOnDVD, 2011
Edition: DVD
Video running time: 1 hour 52 mins
Language: English

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In this all-new three-volume set on the Pirc Defence, International Master and Senior FIDE Trainer Andrew Martin demonstrates that Black gets dynamic play after 1...d6, 2...Nf6 and 3...g6. This is an opening well-suited to the needs of the club player.

The Pirc is sharp and sets up unbalenced positions which are always interesting.

Volume 1 covers the Austrian Attack, one of White's most dangerous aggressive systems.

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