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Isolated Pawn Strategy

Learn from a Quadruple Champion
by Oleg Stetsko, Adrian Mikhalchishin, Alexander Beljawski

Isolated Pawn Strategy
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Our Price: € 22,95

Publisher: Russian Chess House, 2009
Edition: Hardcover
197 pages:
Language: Russian

In this Russian book the authors A. Belyavsky, A. Mihalchishin and O. Stetsko tackle the problem concerning the isolated pawn strategy.

This book continues the work of one of the most distinguished chess researchers Aron Nimtzowitsch. The Isolated Pawn Strategy  examines one of the cardinal problems of positional play.

A. Belyavsky is quadruple Champion of the USSR (1974, 1980, 1987 and 1990).

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