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Learn From the Legends 3rd Edition

10th Anniversary Hardback Edition
by Mihail Marin

Learn From the Legends 3rd Edition
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Our Price: € 29,99

Publisher: Quality Chess, 2015
Edition: Hardcover
ISBN : 978-1-78483-004-5
Pages: 480
Language: English

ChessCafe Book of the Year

Learn from the Legends is a modern classic.

Ten years after the original publication, Quality Chess offers a revised hardback edition. There is plenty of new material in it: a lot of corrections and additions and a new chapter on the latest chess legend, Magnus Carlsen.

Mihail Marin examines and explains the ideas of the legends who shaped modern chess.

The chapters in this book discuss:
• Rubinstein’s excellent rook endgame technique
• Alekhine’s expertise with the heavy pieces
• Botvinnik’s ability for deep analysis
• Tal’s handling of heavy pieces vs. minor pieces
• Petrosian’s positional exchange sacrifices
• Fischer’s strength with the king’s bishop
• Karpov’s handling of bishops of opposite colour
• Korchnoi the rebel
• Carlsen the new king

Mihail Marin is a grandmaster from Romania. His books have established him as one of the world's finest chess authors.

Matthew Sadler, former Britsh Champion:
"Absolutely recommended - a true 5-star book."

Jeremy Silman, author of 'How to Reassess Your Chess':
“I can’t recall having seen a better book in the last two decades.”

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