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What people say about New In Chess
The World's Premier Chess Magazine
Since 1985
8 Issues per Year
-- 800 pages of Chess Delight --

"The best chess magazine of all time."
IM Jeremy Silman, author of 'How to Reassess Your Chess'

"A fantastic magazine, unparalleled and beyond comparison."
Carsten Hansen at ChessCafe 

"New In Chess is tremendous. All articles are well-written and interesting, the contents are wide ranging and profound."
Juha Kankkunen, Vantaa, Finland

"Great Rag ! When I’m not reading it I’m standing by my mailbox waiting for it".
Benjamin Schooley, Otsego, MI, USA

“I just received my first copy of New In Chess, and after spending the last 24 hours devouring it, I thought I’d give you my review: Absolutely wonderful.”
Alan D. Brunelle, Merrimack, NH, USA

“Excellent work. New in Chess is much more than I had expected when I subscribed some time ago.”
Agustin Lanne, Buenos Aires, Argentina

’I have read your magazine for ten years now and I have anticipated and enjoyed every issue’’.
Choon Hwa, Singapore

“New In Chess Magazine is the world’s best chess publication”.
IM Mark Dvoretsky, speaking at the Miami International Chess Club

“Thank you for the big effort you make to keep improving New in Chess”.
Dr Attillio Sacripanti, Rome, Italy

“Your magazine is wonderful”.
Carlos Luis Guiamare, Cumana Sucre, Venezuela

“You are everything your audience wants to read. That is why you are so successful”.
Garry Kasparov

“Your magazine is the only one I actually read’’
Mark Crowther, editor of The Week In Chess, UK

“I am impressed with the depth of annotations and the variety of articles in New In Chess”.
Philip Jurgens, Ottawa, Canada 

“Every issue is a gem of magnificent chess analysis. I especially like the endgame analysis by J.Timman”.
Rolf Knobel, Rotkreuz, Switzerland

“The best chess magazine in the world”.
Eric Schiller, writing in Chessworks Magazine, USA

"Indeed the best."
GM Mikhail Golubev at ChessToday

"Could a day end more beautifully? Coming home after work and finding the latest issue of New In Chess in the mail."
Yves Surmont, Roeselaere, Belgium

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Some selected highlights
pdf Kirsan’s War on Chess

by Garry Kasparov
New In Chess 2011/5

pdf An unusual Taimanov

by Jeroen Bosch
New In Chess 2011/5

pdf 'What Bobby wants, Bobby gets’

by Jimmy Adams
New In Chess 2011/3

pdf Too big for your board?

by Luke McShane
New In Chess 2011/3

pdf End of an Era

by John Nunn
New In Chess 2011/3

pdf Just Checking

New In Chess 2011/2

pdf Ken Rogoff

by Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam
New In Chess 2011/1

pdf London is Carlsen's call

by Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam
New In Chess 2011/1

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