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New In Chess Magazine 1990 complete

by The NIC Editorial team

New In Chess Magazine 1990 complete

Our Price: € 25,00

Publisher: New In Chess, 1990
Edition: 8 single issues
Language: English

Tournaments: Palma de Mallorca: the strongest open ever; Belgrade: Kasparov over 2800! Wijk aan Zee: Hurricane John King (Nunn); Kasparov wins Linares; Speelman wins world cup qualifier; New York open; Manila interzonal; Beliavsky wins Amsterdam Ohra; Tilburg Interpolis complete.
Interviews: Boris Gelfand, John Fedorowicz; Eric Lobron; Lajos Portisch; Miguel Illescas; Boris Gulko; Gata Kamsky; Vassily Ivanchuk; Bessel Kok; Lubosh Kavalek and Jan Timman
Chess Interest: Check your Library: Timman, Spassky, Kasparov, Dvoretsky, Polugaevsky. Column Hans Ree about Computer Chess, The Murder Mystery, Accepted Myths.
And much more!
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