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Play Like Tal

Try to Work Out Tal’s Next Move
by Simon Williams

Play Like Tal
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Publisher: Ginger GM, 2011
Edition: DVD
2: DVDs
Video running time: 7 hours
Language: English

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“Chess, first of all, is art.” – Mikhail Tal

Arguably one of the world’s most exciting chess players of all time, Grandmaster Mikhail Tal will always be remembered as an attacking genius.

The former World Champion, who was nicknamed “The Magician from Riga” for his tactical prowess, has insprired many a chess player with his daring and electrifying style of play.

With this in mind, Ginger GM in association with Dark Phoenix Media Ltd. has created it’s first interactive DVD based on this chess legend.

In this DVD, Grandmaster Simon Williams presents some of Tal’s most notorious games whereby the viewer will be prompted during critical moments of the game to work out Tal’s next move – a first for any chess DVD!

Packed full with key facts and historic photographs, the DVD is a must for any chess fan wishing to learn about one of the most inspired chess players of all time.

Improve your play by following Simon’s advice as he systematically explains the ideas behind Tal’s choice of moves and who knows, perhaps in the future, you too could Play Like Tal?
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