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Tournament Chess Set No. 5

Chess Board + Chess Pieces
by Fernando Peralta

Tournament Chess Set No. 5

Our Price: $ 69.90 $ 59.95 (Paying in US$ only for customers in the US and Canada)

Publisher: Sunrise Handicrafts, 2008
Edition: Chess Set
Weight: 3,7 kg
Language: none

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Tournament Chess Set No 5 consists of:

Chess Pieces: Size No 5.

Model: Staunton

Box Size:20x13x8cm


Pieces are metal-weighted

Colors: brown/black

Chess Board: Size No 5

Dimensions: 48x48x2cm (18,9" x 18,9"" x 0,8")

Weight:2.5 kg

Lettering: with algebraic notation.

Available color: mahogany side only

Materials: mahogany/white birch 

For information about special quantity discounts please email us at: shop@newinchess.com

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