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Bobby Fischer Against the World

Tracing the Life of the Troubled Chess Genius
by Liz Garbus (director)

Bobby Fischer Against the World
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Our Price: € 16,95

Publisher: Dogwoof, 2011
Edition: DVD
Ratio: 16:9
Video running time: 91 minutes
Language: English

Bobby Fischer Against the World traces the Grand Master from child prodigy to Cold War hero to controversial recluse. Cutting interviews with Bobby and the people who knew him, with footage and news reports, Bobby Fisher Against the World is a mesmerising portrait of the rise and bizarre fall of one of the great American icons.

In 1958, 14-year old Robert James Bobby Fischer stunned the chess world by becoming the youngest Grand Master in history, launching a career that would make him a legend. Raised by his mother in Brooklyn he taught himself to play chess at the age of six and started beating seasoned adult chess players at eight.

Throughout the sixties, as his star rose Bobby would appear regularly on TV and tour the world resounding beating all. His career highlight came in 1972 when he played the Russian Grand Master and reigning champion Boris Spassky - a series that was equally tied in with the Cold War as it was with chess.

After his victory Bobby became the most famous person on the planet, and his already erratic behaviour began spiralling out of control, turning this genius into an unrecognisable recluse and pariah.

From veteran filmmaker Liz Garbus, and the final project of late editor Karen Schmeer, Bobby Fischer Against the World exposes the disturbingly high price Fischer paid to achieve his legendary success and the resulting toll it took on his psyche.

Rare archival footage and insightful interviews with those closest to him expand this captivating story of a mastermind’s tumultuous rise—and fall.

>> PLEASE NOTE: This DVD is provided in region 2 format - and will work in the UK and all European countries. It will not work in North America and the rest of the world unless it is played on a multi-region DVD player. Please check before ordering.

Nigel Short:
"A tragic and compelling story of the rise and fall of a sublime chess genius and 20th century icon. I wept when I saw it."

CJ de Mooi:
"An original insight into the exhilarating highs and excruciating lows of the world's greatest chess genius"

Dominic Lawson:
"A captivating and moving account of the strangest genius ever to achieve global recognition." 

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian: 
"A riveting documentary about the troubled US chess champion and his battle with Boris Spassky"

Nigel Andrews, The Financial Times Four Stars:
"A mesmerising documentary"

David Edwards, The Daily Mirror:
"So incredible and so tragic that even those with no knowledge of chess will be enthralled"

Charlotte O'Sullivan, The Evening Standard:
"Bobby Fischer Against The World could be six times as long and still have you on the edge of your seat"

Tom Dawson, Total Film:
"Liz Garbus’ intimate film combines impressive archive footage with candid interviews with Fischer’s friends and colleagues" 

Matthew Turner, ViewLondon:
"A superbly made documentary that tells a genuinely fascinating story"

Nev Pierce, Empire Magazine:
"A compelling look at the tragic and bizarre life of an enigmatic champion"

Paul Dale, The List:
"Liz Garbus’ lovingly realised film peels away the various skins of this very curious onion" 

David McGinty, The Skinny:
"Garbus' film explores the intellectual beauty of the game balanced against the erratic and enigmatic Fischer"

Andy Lea, Daily Star:
"It’s a fascinating and, at times, heartbreaking movie"

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