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Grandmaster Preparation - The Series (Hardcovers)

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by Jacob Aagaard

Grandmaster Preparation - The Series (Hardcovers)

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Publisher: Quality Chess, 2014
Edition: Hardcover
Items: 5
Pages: 1600
Language: English

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The Grandmaster Preparation series is aimed at ambitious players.

In 'Grandmaster Preparation - Positional Play' Jacob Aagaard shares his simple three-step tool of positional analysis that he has used with club players and famous grandmasters to improve their positional decision-making.

In 'Grandmaster Preparation - Strategic Play' Jacob Aagaard digs deep into the most complex area of chess thinking. The games and exercises in this book transcend regular chess skills, such as pattern recognition, calculation and positional analysis.

In 'Grandmaster Preparation - Calculation' Jacob Aagaard explains a large variety of thinking methods such as: Candidates, Combinations, Prophylaxis, Comparison, Elimination, Intermediate Moves, Imagination and Traps. Ownership of these methods is offered through a carefully selected series of exercises.

In 'Grandmaster Preparation - Attack & Defence' Jacob Aagaard presents the main principles of how to attack and defend in chess. By carving dynamic chess into separate areas of ability, he gives the reader a clear way to expand his understanding of this vital part of the game.

In 'Grandmaster Preparation - Endgame Play' Jacob Aagaard presents the reader with a few key concepts in the endgame and invites him to test his skills with a lot of examples from recent tournament practice.

Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard won the British Championship at his first and only attempt. He is the only chess author to have received the Boleslavsky Medal as well as the Guardian, ECF and ChessCafe Book of the Year awards.

He is a FIDE Senior Trainer, and on his retirement from professional chess he has taken up the post as trainer for the Danish elite. His training material is used by amateurs, grandmasters and World Champions alike.

Grandmaster Preparation - Positional Play Grandmaster Preparation - Strategic Play Grandmaster Preparation - Strategic Play Grandmaster Preparation - Attack & Defence Grandmaster Preparation - Endgame Play

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