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The Chigorin Defence According to Morozevich

A World Class Player on the Opening He Made Popular
by Alexander Morozevich, Vladimir Barsky

The Chigorin Defence According to Morozevich
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Our Price: € 28,95

Publisher: New In Chess, 2007
Edition: Paperback medium
ISBN 13: 978-90-5691-200-0
ISBN-10: 90-5691-200-3
Pages: 240
Language: English

With 50 Previously Unpublished Games


A century after its invention by the great attacking player Mikhail Chigorin (1850-1908), the Chigorin Defence is very much alive and kicking.

The reason is simple: Alexander Morozevich, one of the most popular chess players in the world, has extensively used it in his rise to the top. Morozevich almost single-handedly transformed this half-forgotten opening with a shady reputation into a ready-to-use weapon for chess players who like a dynamic game with active piece play.


In this highly personal book Alexander Morozevich reveals the ideas behind his pet lines in the Chigorin Defence. He has thoroughly re-analysed many positions and presents instructive  material from more than 50 previously unpublished rapid and blitz games against top grandmasters.

The Chigorin Defence According to Morozevich not only makes a popular chess opening more accessible, it also helps you to develop a dynamic playing style.


Alexander Morozevich (1977) has been a top-ten player for almost a decade. His aggressive and original play has won him the admiration of countless chess players all over the world. Whenever a Morozevich game is being broadcast online, it immediately attracts thousands of spectators, who want to see ‘Moroz’ in action.


Vladimir Barsky (1969) is an International Master, a successful coach, an experienced journalist and an intimate friend of Alexander Morozevich. And no mean player of the Chigorin Defence himself.

Jeremy Silman, author of How to Reassess Your Chess:
"A fantastic book, full of spirit, fascinating (and often original) analyses, incredible games and honest appraisals by one of the worlds's best players."

British Chess Magazine:
"An extremely thourough and fascinating look at a lively and underrated response to 1.d4."

GM Glenn Flear, Yearbook:
"Original, fascinating at times, and very instructive."

GM Paul Motwani, The Scotsman:
"A very important book."

Martin Rieger, FreeChess:
"A brilliant opening book by a brilliant player."

"Not only a good opening book, and a beautiful collection of games, but it also gives deeper insight into the more general question of how top players study openings."

Elburg Chess Reviews:
"The best book ever written on the Chigorin Defence."

Carsten Hansen, ChessCafe:
"Inspiring and enjoyable. This book will inspire a whole new generation of players to take up this negelected openening."

Edwin Lam, Black & White:

"The book is simply excellent." 

Australian Chess:
"One of the best opening books of recent times."

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