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Yearbook 122

Chess Opening News
by The NIC Editorial team

Yearbook 122
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Our Price: € 29,95

Publisher: New In Chess, 2017
Edition: Paperback medium
ISBN: 978-90-5691-707-4
Pages: 256
Language: English

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New In Chess Yearbook, which appears four times a year, contains the latest news in chess openings.

Each issue brings you dozens of new ideas on the cutting edge of modern chess opening theory.

The Yearbook not only covers the latest fashions, but also offers fresh insights into underrated gambits, rare continuations, and almost forgotten weapons.

There are columns by former US Champion Joel Benjamin and Russian Grandmaster Alexey Kuzmin, who used to coach World Champion Anatoly Karpov, while English GM Glenn Flear reviews new books on chess openings.

1.e4 openings
- Sicilian Defence - Najdorf Variation 6.Bg5 - Pijpers
- Sicilian Defence - Najdorf Variation 6.a3 - Bosch
- Sicilian Defence - Najdorf Variation 6.Nb3 - Fogarasi
- Sicilian Defence - Najdorf Variation 6.Be3 - Lukacs/Hazai
- Sicilian Defence - Rossolimo Variation 3...g6 - Prasanna
- Sicilian Defence - Early Divergences 2...b6 - Pucher
- French Defence - Tarrasch Variation 3...Be7 - Rodi
- Caro-Kann Defence - Advanced Variation 4.h4 - Perunovic
- Ruy Lopez - Neo-Arkhangelsk 6...Bc5 - Ris
- Ruy Lopez - Arkhangelsk Variation 6...Bb7 - Rodi
- Ruy Lopez - The 6.d3 Line - Bok
1.d4 openings
- Catalan Opening - Open Variation 6...dxc4 - Almasi
- Queen’s Gambit Declined - Blackburne Variation 5.Bf4 - l’Ami
- Queen’s Gambit Declined - Classical Main Line 4.Bg5 - Bruzon Batista
- Queen’s Gambit Declined - Early Divergences 4...dxc4 - Ikonnikov
- Slav Defence - Krause Variation 6...Nbd7 - Skatchkov/Frolyanov
- Nimzo-Indian Defence - Rubinstein Variation 4...b6 - Flear
- Grünfeld Indian Defence - Fianchetto Variation 3.g3 - Olthof
- King’s Indian Defence - Fianchetto Variation 3.g3 - Stohl
- Queen’s Pawn Openings - Richter-Veresov 2.Nc3 - Karolyi
- English Opening - Reversed Sicilian 2...Bb4 - Raznikov
- English Opening - Symmetrical Variation 7.d4 - Vigorito
- English Opening - Symmetrical Variation 3.d4 - Panczyk/Ilczuk
- Réti Opening - 1...d5 2.c4 c6 - Timman
- Réti Opening - 1...d5 2.c4 e6 - Antic

With more than 75 practical opening exercises to test your understanding.

The Yearbook is a must-have publication for all serious chess students.

If you subscribe to the Yearbook you will:
-- receive each issue
-- every three months
-- right after publication
-- in the mail
-- for a much lower price than buying single copies would cost you!

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