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A Few Old Friends

An Astonishing Overview of DeLucia's Chess Collection
by David DeLucia

A Few Old Friends
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Our Price: € 250,00

Publisher: David DeLucia, 2007
Edition: Limited Edition
deluxe hardover:
high quality paper:
Pages: 394
Language: English

A Few Old Friends (second edition) gives an astonishing overview of the finest books, manuscripts, letters, photos and ephemera that David DeLucia collected over the years.

A superb book and of great interest to anyone who likes antiquarian and rare chess books!

Edward Winter:
"A book so stunning in terms of both production and content that we can only marvel at it". 

Dale Brandreth:
"A spectacular book! (..) Among the treasured depicted in this Second Edition are the Paris Lucena Manuscript, the first edition Damiano, a flawless Carrera, the three editions of Saul (1614, 1640, 1672), the first edition Ruy Lopez, three different-color editions of the London 1883 tournament book (pristine copies),

the Dubuque Chess Journal (with collation of this very hard-to-get complete run), St. Petersburg 1895 Tournament book, letters and scores of Alekhine, a commemorative  envelope from Em.. Lasker to his wife Martha from Cambridge Springs 1904, the first page of the Cambridge Springs 1904 tournament bulletins (the first tournament bulletins ever),

extracts from several Lasker manuscripts (some on mathematics), several Lasker letters, a letter from Einstein to Lasker, Morphy letters, scoresheets, photos, and his chess board, Capablanca scoresheets, Capa's top hat, passport, and watch...and hundreds more extraordinary items. 

 (..) unique in the history of chess literature. I lack enough superlatives to do this second edition justice."

Bob Long:
First of all, $350. That's what it's going to cost you. So if that turns you off, read no further. But, if you are like most, "What on earth am I getting for this kind of money?" To be blunt, don't think about it too long as only 225 copies were made, with hardcovers. I am assuming you are not a nitwit and are waiting for the paperback edition because THIS is a collectible. There won't be a paperback edition.

It's from David DeLucia's chess collection of everything that pleases him. (..) The beginning of the book is loaded with plates and plates of early chess publications in a variety of languages. (..) There is lots of Lasker, Capablanca, some on Alekhine, Steinitz, Pillsbury, Fischer and then some pretty interesting chessmen too.

There are artifacts of Capablanca's purchased from the estate. If $350 is too much forget about it. Otherwise, hock something, eBay something, borrow money. When you look at the picture, read the captions, and look at the dollar signs on some of these items--you will be convinced you did the right thing.

Owning a book like this, where most of the copies go overseas, is a heckuva better investment than owning a second home in Florida or California. And after you look at it, be a nice guy and keep it safe and in excellent condition. You wouldn't believe how some people take care of their stuff."

>> Rare limited edition. Orders will be dealt with in order of arrival. <<

NB: This book is being shipped out of the USA. If you don't live in the USA, delivery may take somewhat longer than usual. 

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