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Play the Benko Gambit

One of Black’s Most Dynamic Openings
by Nicolai Pedersen

Play the Benko Gambit
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Our Price: € 19,95

Publisher: Everyman Chess, 2011
Edition: Paperback medium
ISBN: 978-18-57446-340
Pages: 208
Language: English

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The Benko Gambit is undoubtedly one of Black’s most dynamic openings. In return for his pawn investment Black gains long-term pressure, which is often so powerful it continues right through into the endgame.

White must decide whether to grab the pawn and try to hold on, or to choose a more aggressive approach. Either way, Black generally succeeds in his aim of unbalancing the position from a very early stage.

In this book, Nicolai V. Pedersen presents a concise and practical repertoire for Black within the Benko Gambit. Using illustrative games, he examines the critical main lines of the gambit, the tricky sidelines and also explains how to meet the various options White has of avoiding the Benko.

Studying this book will allow you to play the Benko Gambit with confidence in your own games.

• A complete repertoire for Black in the Benko Gambit
• Also covers Anti-Benko lines and 2 Nf3 c5
• Examines the typical ideas and plans for both sides

Nicolai V. Pedersen is an International Master from Denmark, who has played for his country at two Chess Olympiads. He also has many years' experience as a chess teacher.

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Temporarily out of stock

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