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Tactical Targets in Chess - Volume 1 + 2

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by István Pongó

Tactical Targets in Chess - Volume 1 + 2

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Publisher: Caissa Hungary, 2002
Edition: Paperback large
items: 2
Pages: 323 + 274
Language: English

The Tactical Targets in Chess is a comprehensive book on chess tactics in two volumes. The first volume deals with the combinations which can get a decisive material advantage or take the game to a draw. In the second volume you will find all kinds of 'mate' combinations classified into a coherent system.

Volume 1:
This comprehensive book on chess tactics is a revised and expanded edition from the original, published in Hungarian in the mid-80s. This version, in English, is volume 1 of a two-volume set designed to give the chess player vital concepts to improve their game.

This volume covers combinations that will help players gain material advantages. The chess player can begin using this book to define the possible targets in a given position making an objective analysis. The next step is to find the appropriate means to achieve the results.

In order to gain the most from working out various combinations one has to solve it only looking at the diagram of the position. If you cannot succeed in this way then read the text belonging to the position, which has many clues to achieving the result.

Finally, as a last resort study the solution using every tiny detail which will help you later on. To check your knowledge you will have different illustrations (collections of tasks) connected with the previous material. The most beautiful and of course the most difficult combinations can be found as the Chess Gems.

This book presents 978 of the best combinations for solution, grouped by topic. There are useful problems here that are not available anywhere else, not even in the works of Blokh.

Volume 2:
The 1,845 combinations presented in this book are classified into a coherent system so any player can expand her or his knowledge base. The player begins using this book to define the possible targets in a given position making an objective analysis.

Soeren Seagaard, Seagaard ChessReviews:  
"I think that the book can help chess-players from basic level to improve their tactical skills, and if you are a chess trainer teaching school-children I think these books are a must-buy".

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