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Checkmate for Children

Mastering the Most Important Skill in Chess
by Kevin Stark

Checkmate for Children
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Publisher: New In Chess, 2010
Edition: Paperback medium
ISBN: 978-90-5691-309-0
Pages: 144
Language: English

This book presents a systematic course on the most important and most exciting subject in chess: giving mate!

Beginners of all ages will win more games after studying this easy-to-follow book. Experienced chess coach Kevin Stark explains elementary mating patterns in all the important positions.

Stark demonstrates how to use your Queen, Rook, Bishop and Knight, as well as your pawns to checkmate your opponent. Typical mating patterns, checkmating ideas and combinations are clearly presented.

Instructive and enjoyable positions are used to show the basic concepts as well as the techniques that experienced chess masters use. The many examples, tests and exercises will allow you to train your skills.

Checkmate for Children is not another random collection of puzzles, but a systematic course that teaches you how to checkmate your opponent. This book makes improving easy and fun, and is full of helpful explanations and practical advice.

A very helpful and fun book on the ultimate goal in chess!

<> Well laid-out <> Practical <> Accessible <>

Dr Alexey W. Root, author of 'Children and Chess: a Guide for Educators':
"Both the quizzes and the the Great Test have answer keys with explanations about why the solution is correct and why certain tempting alternatives are wrong."
Edward Scimia, About.com:
"A wonderful resource for chess instructors or parents (..) It offers one of the best introductions to the art of checkmate for beginning players I have seen."

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