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This Crazy World of Chess

101 Entertaining Dispatches
by Larry Evans

This Crazy World of Chess

Our Price: € 11,50

Publisher: Cardoza Publishing, 2008
Edition: Paperback medium
Pages: 295
Language: English

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A collection of 101 columns by Larry Evans, many of them enlarged and updated.

The first chapter may serve as an illustration: Fischer's letter, never published before, from January 27th,1975 to the Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos on the latter's offer to host the match Fischer-Karpov!

This controversial chess book exposes the intrigues, scandals, conspiracies, dirty dealings and fascinating tidbits, not just with famous players and corrupt chess federations, but also killers, bloodthirsty tyrants, 12-year-old grandmasters and even legendary movie stars such as Charlie Chaplin and Humphrey Bogart.

Chess giants include Gary Kasparov, Anatoly Karpov and Vladimir Kramnik, and of course, the enigmatic legend, Bobby Fischer, whose outrageous antics are revealed here. After reading this book and learning what really goes on, you’ll never look at chess the same way again!

Have a look at the titles of a couple of the 101 chapters:
-- "Bobby's shortest game" (only one move!)
-- "Not Keene on testing"
-- "Prisoner 99432"
-- "How to spot an addict"
-- "Chess Swindles"
-- "When Sammy met Charlie"
--  and 95 others

A very entertaining read with dozens of intruiging games.

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