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What people say about NIC Yearbook

"An excellent view of the latest opening developments."
John Elburg on chessmail.com

"The fact that there is explanatory text makes these Yearbooks much more suitable than Informator for the average amateur."
Tim Harding in Chess Mail

"A must-have book for both chess enthusiast and chess professional. The surveys that are chosen cover a lot of ground and even the pickiest player should find something of his interest."
Carsten Hansen on chesscafe.com

"It's truly pleasant to get the Yearbook in hand. It feels good and it looks good!"
Erik Sobjerg from Denmark

"Essential reading for serious chess students everywhere."
IM John Donaldson in World Blitz Chess Magazine (USA)

"It's the Yearbook concept at its best. An interesting idea is presented with a few well chosen games. Easy to study and soon you feel ready to start playing it."
Sören Sögaard at seagaard.com

"A better look into the status of contemporay opnening theory cannot be found in print anywhere."
IM Carsten Hansen at chesscafe.com

"An impressive series."
Im Herman Grooten in Einhovens Dagblad (Holland)  

"Yeah! Loads of opening 'rubbish' with excellent annotations."
GM Matthew Sadler in New in Chess Magazine

"Recommended to all who want to sharpen their repertoire."
Schacknytt Magazine (Sweden)

Yearbook Staff
Jan Timman Peter Boel

René Olthof Frank