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Yearbook 63

Ponomariov against the Marshall Attack: sometimes you win, somet
by The NIC Editorial team

Yearbook 63

Our Price: € 29,00

Publisher: New In Chess, 2002
Edition: Hardcover
ISBN: 90.5691.097.3
Pages: 240
Language: English

NIC Forum
Letters from readers and contributors on the Botvinnik Variation of the Slav, the Marshall Variation in the Petroff, the King's Indian Four Pawns Attack, the Caro-Kann, the Keres Attack in the Sicilian, the Nimzo Indian, the 'Franco-Polish Gambit' and the Sicilian Scheveningen.

Sosonko's Column
Sosonko celebrates the 50st birthday of Iosif Dorfman, an acknowledged master of the opening.

Book Review
Glenn Flear reviews the latest repertoire books: Unusual Queens Gambit Declined (Ward); The Chigorin Defence (Bronznik); Meeting 1 e4 (Alexander Raetsky); Meeting 1.d4 (Aagaard & Lund); Opening for White according to Kramnik 1.Nf3 Volume 3 (Alexander Khalifman).

36 NIC Surveys Yearbook 63

  • Sicilian: Hungarian Variation 4.Qd4, by Van der Sterren
  • Sicilian: Najdorf Variation 6.Bc4 b5, by Mikhalchishin
  • Sicilian: Dragon Variation 9.g4, by Ceteras
  • Sicilian: English Attack 6.Be3, by Lukacs/Hazai
  • Sicilian: The Anti-Sveshnikov System 3...e5, by Rogozenko
  • Sicilian: Paulsen Variation 5.c4, by Fogarasi
  • Sicilian: Alapin Variation 2...d5, by Gavrilov
  • Pirc: Classical Variation 4.Nf3, by Marin
  • Kings Fianchetto: Gurgenidze Variation 3...c6 4.f4 d5, by Avrukh
  • French: Burn Variation 4...de4, by Sosonko
  • French: Winawer Variation 6...Qc7 7.Qg4 f6, by Karolyi
  • French: Tarrasch Variation 3...Nf6, by Tiviakov
  • Alekhine: Modern Variation 4...g6, by Van der Tak
  • Petroff: Marshall Variation 6...Bd6, by Morgado
  • Petroff: Jaenisch Variation 6...Nc6, by Pliester
  • Ruy Lopez: Berlin Variation 3...Nf6, by Z.Almasi
  • Ruy Lopez: Marshall Attack 8...d5, by Van der Tak
  • Ruy Lopez: Marshall Attack 8...d5, by Van der Tak
  • Ruy Lopez: Chigorin Variation 9...Na5, by Karolyi
  • Scotch: Classical Variation 4...Bc5, by Lukacs/Hazai
  • Philidor: The Original Philidor 3...f5, by Van der Tak
  • Two Knights: Traxler Gambit 5.d4, by De Zeeuw
  • Owens Defence: 3.Nc3, by Glek
  • Queens Gambit Declined: Blackburne Variation 5.Bf4, by Rustemov
  • Queens Gambit Declined: Cambridge Springs Variation 7.cd5, by Rogozenko
  • Slav: Krause Variation 6.Ne5, by Flear
  • Nimzo-Indian: A Nimzo-Queens Indian Hybrid 4.Nf3 b6, by Pliester
  • Bogo-Indian: 4.Bd2 Qe7, by Boersma
  • Queens Indian: Petrosian System 4.a3 c5, by Cebalo
  • Grünfeld Indian: 5.Bg5 dc4, by Pavlovic
  • Kings Indian: Glek Variation 7...Na6, by Glek
  • Benoni: The Modern Main Line 6.Nf3, by Marin
  • Old Indian: Main Line 8.Rb1, by Adla/Glavina
  • Queens Pawn Opening: Colle Variation 3.e3, by Langeweg
  • English: The Anti-Grnfeld Line 7.h4, by Vilela
  • Réti: Capablanca Variation 3...Bg4, by Langeweg

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