Anything but Average: Chess Classics and Off-beat Problems

375 games, studies, problems, puzzles by 240 authors.
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Just two years after publishing Chess Problems Out of the Box Werner Keym presents a new book from his Meisenheim workshop: Anything but Average – Chess Classics and Off-beat Problems reflects the mesmerizing wealth, profundity and beauty of chess in its different branches.
OTB players as well as problem lovers are intended to belong to the readership: The book contains a total of 375 games, endgame studies and problems by 240 authors, where the majority is not only comprehensible for pro-nounced experts but also for less experienced chess fans.
For the readers’ convenience, any problems and their accompanying solutions have been put on one page, and any problem jargon (frowned upon by many chess friends) has been kept to a minimum, just as the number of fairies included. Moreover 180 auxiliary diagrams have been added to illustrate crucial points of the solutions or to show the different mates of a problem or study. 120 further problems – related to those in the book – are merely quoted by their PDB numbers, enabling the reader to look them up quickly in the Schwalbe Problem Database.
Altogether the author has done a tremendous work of selection from countless masterpieces gathered in antholo-gies and electronic databases. Ultimately, from the old Arabian of a.-..l. via Adolf Anderssen’s “Immortal” to the challenging “Millennium problems” (elected in 2000 as the best ones of all time), there will be something to suit everyone’s taste.

According to the author’s own preferences, a main emphasis has been placed on extraordinary chess problems: en-passant capture, rotation, adding pieces, retro puzzles, text problems, proof games, special stipulations, jokes, etc.
Last but not least Werner Keym has adorned his work with numerous quotes, bon mots or aphorisms, mostly particularly fitting to the preceding pieces of art or to the subsequent chapter.

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Publication date : July 31, 2020
Number of pages : 190
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