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Magnus Carlsen: A Life in Pictures

The story of the World Champion in more than 200 photos

As low as €8.99

Carlsen's Neo-Møller

A Complete and Surprising Repertoire against the Ruy Lopez

As low as €6.89

In the Zone

The Greatest Winning Streaks in Chess History

As low as €8.39

ChessBase Magazine 195

The Magazine for Professional Chess

Special Price €5.99 Regular Price €19.95

Kaufman's New Repertoire for Black and White

A Complete, Sound and User-friendly Chess Opening Repertoire

As low as €8.99

Mental Toughness in Chess

Practical Tips to Strengthen Your Mindset at the Board

As low as €5.99

The Chess GPS 2

Your Move - Your Choice

Special Price €6.89 Regular Price €22.95

Winning Ugly in Chess

Playing Badly is No Excuse for Losing

As low as €6.89

Chess for Hawks

Improve your Vision, Sharpen your Talons, Forget your Fear

As low as €6.89

Test Your Chess Skills

Practical Decisions in Critical Moments

As low as €5.99

Clinch it!

How to Convert an Advantage into a Win in Chess

As low as €8.39

How Ulf Beats Black

Ulf Andersson's Bulletproof Strategic Repertoire for White

As low as €8.39

Dismantling the Sicilian - New and Updated Edition

A Complete Modern Repertoire for White

As low as €8.39

The Complete French Advance

The Most Uncompromising Way to Attack the French Defence

As low as €8.99

The Zaitsev System

Fresh Ideas and New Weapons for Black in the Ruy Lopez

As low as €8.09

The Fianchetto Solution

A Complete, Solid and Flexible Chess Opening Repertoire

As low as €6.89

Black is Back!

What’s White’s Advantage Anyway?

As low as €6.89
As low as €6.59

The Modern Bogo 1.d4 e6

A Complete Guide for Black

Special Price €7.49 Regular Price €24.95

The Liberated Bishop Defence

A Surprising and Complete Black Repertoire against 1.d4

Special Price €7.79 Regular Price €25.95
Special Price €7.19 Regular Price €23.95

Aron Nimzowitsch 1928-1935

Annotated Games & Essays

Special Price €10.49 Regular Price €34.95

Chess Opening Essentials, Volume 4

1.c4 / 1.Nf3 / Other First Moves

Special Price €7.49 Regular Price €24.95

The Ruy Lopez Revisited

Offbeat Weapons & Unexplored Resources

As low as €7.19