Chess Informant 127: Golden

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Chess Informant 127 Golden contains:

• GM Sergey Rublevsky - Scotch Game 4...Bb4: You can‘t easily beat a centuries-old opening

• GM Pentala Harikrishna - What’s the biggest surprise a super-tactician can spring on an opponent?

• GM Mihail Marin - Why some players are first among equals

• GM Aleksandar Colovic - The Zurich experiment: Hikaru Nakamura meets the challenge

• GM Ivan Sokolov - Top seeds in Qatar and Gibraltar: where chess royalty meets mere mortals

• GM dragan solak - You are told to protect your king at all times. but is it time for a rethink?

• GM emanuel berg - Is the queen really a bad blockader in the Winawer French?

• GM Karsten Mueller - London Classic: The Berlin and other endgames...

• World Cup revisited: GM S. P. Sethuraman and GM Bassem Amin

CI Labs

• English Opening A22 by GM Aleksander Delchev

• Scandinavian Defence B01 by GM Spyridon Kapnisis

• Ruy Lopez Marshall Attack C89  by GM Milos Pavlovic

• Gruenfeld Defence D97 by GM Aleksander Mista

Games, Combinations, Endings, Studies, Tournaments...

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Edition : Paperback
Publication date : January 1, 2016
Number of pages : 348
Publisher : Chess Informant
Weight : 732 gram