Chess Informant 128 (Book + CD): Far Cry

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The first half of Chess Informant 128 Far Cry contains:

• Ernesto Inarkiev - Don't mess with Karjakin!

• Michael Adams - d2-d3 versus the Lopez

• Evgeny Najer/Sergey Rublevsky - Russian Team Championship

• Sarunas Sulskis - Inarkiev wins the European race

• Flores Rios - Caruana at the US Championship

• Surya Ganguly - How I won the Bangkok Open!

• Ivan Sokolov - An Englishman in Dubai

• Arakhamia-Grant - Hou Yifan regains her throne

• Aleksandar Colovic - Opening duels at the Candidates

• Mihail Marin - Sicilian Scheveningen: Fire on board

• Karsten Mueller - A sharp endgame weapon: Zugzwang

The second half of Chess Informant 128 Far Cry contains the most interesting games, combinations, endings and studies from recent events, together with annotations by the players themselves or the Chess Informant team of grandmasters and international masters.

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Choose your edition : Paperback
Publication date : January 1, 2016
Number of pages : 348
Publisher : Chess Informant
Weight : 584 gram