Chess Magazine - March 2018: Tata Steel Masters and Gibraltar

All the action from Tata Steel Masters and Gibraltar, plus an exclusive annotation from current British champion Gawain Jones.

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In this Issue:

  • The King of Wijk - Yochanan Afek watched Magnus Carlsen win Wijk for a sixth time
  • A Good Start - Gawain Jones was pleased to begin well at Wijk aan Zee
  • All Tied Up on the Rock - John Saunders had to work hard, but once again enjoyed Gibraltar
  • Rocking the Rock - The best of the action from the Tradewise Gibraltar Masters
  • HIARCS and the World of Computer Chess - Mark Uniacke reports and discusses a paradigm shift
  • A Lovely Attack - Dan Bisby is always a dangerous opponent as Jon Speelman discovered
  • Doing It By The Book - Carl Strugnell managed to win without leaving his preparation
  • Studies with Stephenson - Brian is back and discusses the remarkable Penrose family
  • The Importance of Knowing Endgames - Milos Pavlovic presents one of Chéron’s handy rules of thumb

Plus all the regular features such as: How Good is Your Chess?, Saunders on Chess, Find the Winning Moves, Never Mind the Grandmasters, Studies, Home & Overseas News, Calendar and Book Reviews. 

More Information
Edition : Magazine
Publication date : March 14, 2018
Number of pages : 60
Publisher : Chess & Bridge London
Weight : 144 gram