Chess Openings for White, Explained: 2nd Edition Revised and Updated

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Every chess player needs a set of openings he can trust. Chess Openings for White, Explained gives you a complete repertoire of carefully selected, interrelated openings to show you how to win with White using Bobby Fischer's favorite first move, 1. e4.

Additionally, you get an informative review of every opening from White's point of view, even the ones not part of the book's repertoire.

This book, together with its companion volume, Chess Openings for Black, Explained gives you the most thorough explanation of chess opening moves and ideas available.

This new, second edition has been completely revised and updated to reflect all of the latest changes, including ideas from theoretically important games, books, articles, and the authors' ongoing research.

Roman Dzindzichashvili, one of the world's leading opening theoreticians for more than four decades, and his student Eugene Perelshteyn pack this book with surprise weapons-never-before-revealed theoretical novelties (new moves and plans) that can win you many games!

Three-time U.S. Champion Lev Alburt, one of the world's most soughtafter chess teachers, makes this book easy to use and easy to readeven without a board and pieces. And he makes it easy to remember what you need to win chess games

Anatoly Karpov, 12th World Champion: " A must for every chess player."

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Choose your edition : Paperback
Publication date : May 16, 2006
Number of pages : 548
Publisher : CIRC
Weight : 728 gram
ISBN : 9781889323206