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The Hippopotamus Defence

A Deceptively Dangerous Universal Chess Opening System for Black

As low as €21.99

The Sicilian Accelerated Dragon

20th Anniversary Edition


Grandmaster Repertoire - The Sicilian Taimanov

Tired of Bad Positions? Try the Main Lines!


The Réti Opening .... Properly Played

Easy to learn key ideas and general set-up plans.


The Modernized Colle - Zukertort Attack

Learn all about the rich positional possibilities and nuances of this opening.


Opening Repertoire: 1 d4 with 2 c4

Cyrus Lakdawala guides you through 1.d4.


Update Opening Encyclopaedia 2019 from 2018

Including 6680 Opening Surveys & 1136 Special Theory Databases


Grandmaster Repertoire 2B - 1.d4 Dynamic Systems

Tired of Bad Positions? Try the Main Lines!


The Modern English: Volume 2

1...c5, 1...Nf6, and 1...e6


Openings: Semi-Open Games



Play the Alekhine Defence

Alexei Kornev shows you the ins and outs of the Alekhine Defence.


Opening Repertoire: The French Defence

Cyrus Lakdawala guides you through the French Defence.


Opening Repertoire: The Sicilian Najdorf

John and Joshua guide you through the Sicilian Najdorf.


Play the Dutch: Part 2

Systems with g3


Play the Dutch: Part 1

Part 1 of a full Dutch repertoire for Black.


The Queen's Indian Defense

Main Line 4.g3 System


Play the Queen's Indian Defence

Evgeniy Solozhenkin explains how Black should deploy his pieces and what should he aim for in the middlegame.


Openings: Open Games



The Chigorin Defence: Move by Move

Everything you need to know to play the Chigorin with confidence.


Keep it Simple: 1.e4

A Solid and Straightforward Chess Opening Repertoire for White

As low as €21.99

The Chigorin Bible

A Classic Defence to the Ruy Lopez


The Modernized Najdorf

Milos Pavlovic shows you the ins and outs of the Najdorf.


Understanding before Moving : Part 1

Ruy Lopez and Italian Structures