ChessBase Magazine 176: The Magazine for Professional Chess

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1. Drama in round 8: Fabiano Caruana explains how and why Carlsen fell behind in the world championship.

2. Missed chances and hidden depths: let Karsten Müller reveal all about the ending of the 3rd WCh game (video).

3. Decision in New York: enjoy Daniel King’s video summery of the exciting WCh tiebreaks!

4. Fortune favours the brave: Wesley So shows how in the London Chess Classic he was able to escape the noose in his game against Levon Aronian.

5. “A brilliant gambit line”: with GM Simon Williams play through the Aronian-Rapport game move by move and feel some enthusiasm for the Chigorin Defence!

6. Perhaps the most important game in the EU Cup: Dmitry Andreikin analyses his win with Black over the top Cuban player Leinier Dominguez.

7. “Open up the kingside files, get the queen in and do some damage!”: Let Andrew Martin explain to you some new winning ideas in the Trompowsky (video).

8. What’s new in the Pirc Defence? Openings expert Mihail Marin outlines the most important trends in recent years.

9. Imperial combination with the "octopus knight": grab your chance and together with Oliver Reeh conjure up a brilliant final attack over the board.

10. Queen's Pawn Game á la Kramnik: in his article on the opening Martin Breutigam invites you to try for yourself 1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Bg5.

· World Championship New York
· European Club Cup, London Classic 

· 11 new opening ideas
· In Focus: Pirc Defence

· Andrew Martin: Trompowsky Attack 

· Fabiano Caruana
· Wesley So
· Dmitry Andreikin
· David Navara

· Simon Williams: Move by Move
· Rainer Knaak: Opening Trap
· Mihail Marin: Strategy
· Oliver Reeh: Tactics
· Karsten Müller: Endgames

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