ChessBase Magazine 197: The Magazine for Professional Chess

September/October 2020.
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Highlights of this issue:

Your Top Grandmaster analyses
Anish Giri presents his best games with the Italian –  structures, strikes and lots of expertise!

Stars annotate
Wojtaszek, Harikrishna, Adams, Anton Guijarro, Hübner, Gelfand, Keymer et al.

1970 interzonal tournament Palma de Mallorca 1970
An extensive retrospect with game analyses + columns by Marin, Mueller and Reeh

The new choice of champions
Alexey Kuzmin checks out 6.Bf4 in the Ragozin Defence

An aggressive gambit against the Philidor
Spyros Kapnisis hits 4...Nbd7 with 5.g4!

“A game to remember for years to come!”
Rustam Kasimdzhanov dissects the epic endgame in Anand-Kramnik from the Legends

50 years ago - Fischer-Larsen 0-1!
Simon Williams analyses the American’s only defeat at the IZT 1970 “Move by move” (Interactive video)

Endgame special: rook endings with four pawns against three
A practical contribution by Thorsten Cmiel featuring 30 annotated examples!

Winning against 5.Bf4/7.c5 in the QGD
Michael Adams shows his model victory from Biel

Castling at your own risk!
Robert Ris red-flags 6.Ng5 and 7.h4 in the Anti-Sveshnikov

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