ChessBase Magazine 203

ChessBase Magazine 203

The Magazine for Professional Chess
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Highlights of this Issue

My favorite Nepomniachtchi game
CBM authors comment on their favorite game played by the 31-year-old Russian

Top games and master analyses
Adhiban, Krasenkow, Navara, Praggnanandhaa, Vitiugov and Wojtaszek comment on their best games from the World Cup

All in one
Everything you need to know about a specific opening line, based on just one extensively commented game

Opening videos
Daniel King takes up a current provocation of the world champion in the Nimzo-Larsen Attack

Mihail Marin explains subtleties of the Richter-Rauzer Variation by means of two current games from the Superbet Tournament

Jan Werle reveals to you why White is well advised to aim for the endgame from the Catalan Opening

New ideas for your repertoire
10 opening articles with lots of exciting ideas for your next games

Topcial opening traps
Rainer Knaak presents eight Sicilian examples, three of which are also available in video format

Move by Move
Robert Ris dissects the game Adhiban-Delgado from the World Cup, an instructive miniature in which everything revolves around the topics initiative and lead in development

Nepomniachtchi's strategic and positional thinking
Mihail Marin works out the playing style of the world champion challenger on the basis of various aspects and comes to surprising insights

The Classic
Dorian Rogozenco presents the opening classic Reti - Yates 1924 in video format and explains the typical Reti motifs

Tactics: Dark-squared disasters
Oliver Reeh's tactics article contains 33 games which include lots of training tasks

Nepomniachtchi's Endgames
The endgame expert Karsten Müller provides one article about the world champion challenger

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August 28, 2021
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