ChessBase Magazine 205

ChessBase Magazine 205

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Highlights of this Issue

My favourite Huebner game

CBM authors comment on their favourite games of the former world-class player and candidate finalist. Exclusive collection of 16 games by Robert Huebner from 1970 to 2017.

Top games and master analyses

FIDE Grand Swiss 2021: Alireza Firouzja secured first place despite losing to Fabiano Caruana and thus qualified for the 2022 Candidates Tournament. Firouzja analyses his victory against Nijat Abasov. In addition, Grigoriy Oparin, Yu Yangyi, Alexandr Predke, Samuel Sevian, Nikita Vitiugov, and others comment on their best games.European Team Championship 2021: Gold for Ukraine, silver for France, bronze for Poland. Radoslaw Wojtaszek analyses his winning h-pawn run against Victor Mikhalevski, and Ivan Saric shows how to hold a draw against an Alireza Firouzja in top form.

All in one

Everything you need to know about a specific opening line, based on only one extensively annotated game

Opening videos

Gruenfeld expert Markus Ragger appoints the new 5...c5 as the main weapon in the variation with 5.Bd2

Rustam Kasimdzhanov reports on his experiment with the French Advance Variation

Mihail Marin explains the Huebner System of the Nimzo-Indian Defence

New ideas for your repertoire

Many exciting ideas for your next games with 11 opening articles

Topical opening traps

Rainer Knaak presents ten current traps, three of which are also in video format

Move by Move

Replay Nikita Vitiugov's spectacular winning game against Andreikin move by move together with IM Robert Ris

Huebner's strategic skills

GM Mihail Marin sheds light on various elements of Huebner's playing style

The Classic

Dorian Rogozenco presents the game between Botwinnik and the then World Champion Alekhine from the AVRO tournament in 1938

Tactics: Bishops unleashed!

Oliver Reeh's tactics article contains 36 games which include numerous training questions as well as three interactive videos

Excelling in endgames: "Endgames by Dr. Robert Huebner"

Karsten Müller provides three articles in this issue. In addition to a selection of Robert Huebner's best endgames (incl. video), the GM from Hamburg presents highlights from the Hou Yifan Challenge 2021 and also deals in detail with letters to the editor

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December 13, 2021
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