American Chess Magazine no. 12

American Chess Magazine no. 12

Bobby Fischer - Legend lives on
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About / American Chess Magazine no. 12

In This Issue:

  • Readers’ voices
  • What We Can Learn From Bobby Fischer
  • Why Bobby Fischer Came Back in 1992
  • In the Twilight Zone
  • Let's play Chess Detectives
  • Not so Wide, Yet Quite Deep
  • A Fierce Attacker with Supreme Positional Understanding
  • The Teacher of America
  • Fanaticism and Hard Work
  • Bobby Fischer and the Fischer Generation
  • My favorite books about Bobby Fischer
  • Calculate deeper!
  • Bobby Fischer's Gems
  • All-Round Training
  • 2019 Summer Chess Camps in the USA –An Overview
  • Is it really cheaper to play chess rather than golf?
  • 25 Questions for Matthias Wullenweber
  • Fresh Leaves from the Bookshelf 
  • Celebrating Spring ...and Chess!
  • Tournament Review

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July 31, 2019
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Chess Informant
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