Best Attacking Games of 2012-2015: With Extensive Analysis

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Arkadij Naiditsch and Csaba Balogh analyse the 50 best attacking games from the years of 2012-2015.

The readers will not only see the brilliant sacrifices and mating combinations at the end of the games, but also how it was all built up from the beginning.

The authors aim to explain mainly by words to make it understandable for the players on any level.

GM Adrian Mikhalchishin:
"Nowadays, many players rely on "computer" evaluations much more than their own "human" understanding.

Is this fatal to the rise of a chess player?!

A chess program should be nothing other than an assistant to our improvement as chess players.

This is why, in my view, it is more important to develop our understanding of the chess game - and this can be done most effectively by working with a stronger player.

In the current book you have the opportunity to join two super-GMs in their thinking processes, and observing the chess game 'as it is'."

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Publication date : January 1, 2016
Number of pages : 240
Publisher : Chess Evolution
Weight : 456 gram
ISBN : 9788393465675