Chess Strategy (Download): Improve your Play by Solving more than 2000 Exercises

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This course is aimed at teaching a student much of the strategy methods and intricacies through a theoretical section which includes over 450 games/lectures, each of them illustrating typical plans and methods in the following important strategic themes such as:

• Advantage in development
• Advantage in space
• Attack on the king
• Attack on the queenside
• Weak squares
• Pawn structure
• Open files and diagonals
• Central squares
• Position of pieces
• Exchange
• Positional sacrifice
• Prophylaxis
• Isolated queen's pawn
• Hanging pawns
• Pawn pair of c3+d4 on semi-open files
• The rule of two weaknesses
• Planning
• Defense
• Counterattack

A special training section includes more than 1100 exercises for a user to solve, giving refutations of the wrong moves as well as numerous hints to help you find the correct answer.

Chess Strategy 3.0 also includes a bonus Typical Pawn Structures course. This chess course presents 200 instructive positions with 4 themes such as Karlsbad, Hedgehog, etc.

System requirements: IBM-compatible PC, 256 Mb RAM, hard disk 100Mb, Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, CD-ROM drive. No additional software required.

Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian.

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