Chess Tactics ART for beginners - (Download): 150 Teaching Examples and 1500 New Exercises

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A fundamental course on chess tactics, CT-ART for Beginners. This course can be rightfully considered the predecessor to the Chess Tactics ART (CT-ART) course written for club and intermediate players.

CT-ART for Beginners contains 150 teaching examples introducing you to typical chess combinations and 1500 new exercises meant to develop your playing skills and reinforce the knowledge acquired. The exercises are classified according to more than 30 tactical methods and motifs.

All exercises are designed for beginners already familiar with the chess rules, but club players may also find them useful.

Each section includes exercises from practical play covering the whole variety of possible techniques and maneuvers related to the topic in question.

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian.
System requirements: IBM-compatible PC, 64 Mb RAM, Hard Disk 50 Mb of free disk space, Windows 7/XP/Vista. No additional software required.

Table of Contents:


 1. Chess Tactics ART for Beginners
 2. Opening the lines
 3. Clearing important squares
 4. Clearing the lines
 5. Decoy
 6. Decoying to Knight forks
 7. Blocking
 8. Distraction
 9. Distracting pieces from defending the back rank
10. Interception
11. Discovered attack
12. Double check
13. Exploiting a pin
14. Mill

 1. Opening the d- and e-files
 2. Opening the f-file
 3. Opening the g-file
 4. Opening the h-file
 5. Opening files
 6. Opening diagonals
 7. Clearing ranks
 8. Clearing diagonals
 9. Clearing important squares
10. Clearing files
11. Decoying to pins
12. Decoying the king into a mating net
13. Decoying to attack lines
14. Decoying to Knight forks
15. Decoying to attacks by opening lines
16. Decoying to attacks by retreating pieces
17. Decoying to Queen forks
18. Distracting pieces from defending important lines
19. Distracting pieces from defending the back rank
20. Distracting pieces from defending other pieces
21. Distracting pawns
22. Distracting pieces from protecting important squares
23. Distracting pinning pieces
24. Intercepting a piece defending another piece
25. Intercepting a piece protecting from checkmate
26. Unblocking by decoy
27. Discovered attack
28. Using discovered attacks when attacking the King
29. X-ray
30. Mill

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