Chess Tactics Volume 1: Sharpen your tactical ability daily on your way to mastery

404 Puzzles for those who are serious about improving their chess.
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Tactical puzzle books all seem sort of the same, positions where you are being told what the demand is and you then have to figure it out. Typically having to sacrifice or exploit a tactical feature, the answers can typically be worked out sooner or later.

The puzzles in this book are different. For starters, the puzzles are recent, from the latter half of 2018 and they are played by players rated at least 2300. Additionally, the solutions are not always a quick tactical solution, and the first move is typically not enough for a complete answer.
Instead a series of precise moves is required and not always is it a winning continuation but one leading to an advantage, often a large one, but occasionally a clear or even a small advantage is all you can hope for. The key is, the solver doesn't know just as in game situations.
Should the puzzles prove too difficult, then there are hints for the solution, although the hints can be rather cryptic as well.
The puzzles are being presented on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter every day, and thousands of eager chess enthusiasts from beginners to grandmasters are playing along. 
This book has annotated solutions along with some bonus puzzles that have not previously been published.

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Edition : Paperback
Publication date : June 11, 2019
Number of pages : 330
Publisher : CarstenChess
Weight : 546 gram