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Highlights 1. Win with Plan B: Aronian analyses his game against Naiditsch at the Grenke Classic: with an exchange sacrifice, a king hunt and an alternative solution. 2. This is how child prodigies think: 12-year old Nihal Sarin from India presents for you his win over GM Bluebaum (video). 3. ŸThe lurking bishopŒ: Enjoy the tactical fireworks with Oliver Reeh and solve his favourite combination with really masterly moves! (Interactive video) 4. ŸStrategically completely irrationalŒ: Mihail Marin shows you what has been happening in recent years in the French Winawer Variation. 5. Speculative and spectacular: Enjoy Kramnik’s rook sacrifice for three pawns and a consternated Harikrishna! 6. The pawn as a curse: Test your endgame technique and together with Karsten Müller find the narrow pathway to the draw. (interactive video) 7. Triumph in Poikovsky: Emil Sutovsky (7 out of 9) analyses in great detail his first round win against the previous years’ victor: Sutovsky-Korobov 8. Sharp update: Let Erwin l'Ami show you fantastic new ideas for White and Black in the Two Knights Defence. (video) 9. Popular and dangerous: Adhiban delivers with his attacking win over Swayans further proof for the potential of Queen’s Pawn games. 10. Declining the gambit and still getting an advantage: Krisztian Szabo knows why you do not need to fear 3=f5 in the Ruy Lopez. TOP TOURNAMENTS ¿ Grenke Chess Classic ¿ US Championship, ¿ Gashimov Memorial Shamkir OPENINGS TRAINING ¿ 12 new opening ideas ¿ In Focus: French Winawer VIDEO REPORTS ¿ Erwin l'Ami: Two Knights Defence WORLD CLASS PLAYERS ANNOTATE ¿ Levon Aronian ¿ Hikaru Nakamura ¿ Emil Sutovsky PRACTICAL TRAINING ¿ Simon Williams: Move by Move ¿ Rainer Knaak: Opening Trap ¿ Mihail Marin: Strategy ¿ Oliver Reeh: Tactics ¿ Karsten Müller: Endgames
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