DGT USB Wenge e-Board + Timeless Pieces

DGT USB Wenge e-Board + Timeless Pieces

The DGT e-board easely connects your PC to the game of Chess
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About / DGT USB Wenge e-Board + Timeless Pieces

The plug & play DGT electronic chess board brings you the best of two worlds. The classical game of chess finaly merged with 21st century computer and internet technology.

The beautiful classic wooden DGT e-Board easily connects to the USB port on your PC. With the DGT e-Board you can play online at internet chess sites like PlayChess, Chess 21 and ICC. The ingenious e-Board acts as input device for all major playing programs.

The DGT e-Board is the ultimate chess-PC interface. It adds a new dimension to your chess fun. A typical DGT product. Innovative, designed for the real chess lover. High quality and value for money.

The giftbox comes whit a special edition of the famous Fritz program and 100 days free access at PlayChess.com.

>> This particular chess set comes with a Wenge chess board and Timeless chess pieces. (See images below)

• Broadcast chess games over the Internet. Ideal for tournament presentation.
• Let the computer analyze games while playing a human opponent.
• Automatically store games in the memory of the board while you play, and retrieve the games as PGN later.
• The DGT electronic chess board adds a new dimension to your chess fun.
• The DGT e-board connects a beautiful classic wooden chess board to your PC without any effort, enabling you to play directly against the world's best chess programmes.
• No longer RSI and tired eyes.
• Playing online via the Internet is also easily possible.
• For clubs and tournament organisations the DGT e-board is the easiest way to present live internet coverage to a large audience.
• The DGT e-board connects to the DGT XL chess clock. It has a USB port.

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