Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders - (Download): Contains over 1250 Instructive Exercises

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Learn to play chess by learning the opening mistakes and traps that have been discovered over time. The program designed for studying the blunders in more than 40 openings and contains over 1250 instructive exercises of varying difficulty from practical games.

Be ready to trap and avoid being trapped with the Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders!

The program allows you to:

• Study the theoretical material and test your knowledge
• See changes in your rating
• Keep track of your progress
• Play against computer starting with a set position
• Print exercises

System requirements: IBM-compatible PC, 256 MB RAM, hard disk 100 MB, Windows 200/XP/Vista/7, CD-ROM drive. No additional software required.

Languages: English, French, Italian and Russian.

Course content:
 1. Rare variations
 2. Alekhine's def.
 3. Benoni def.
 4. Bird's opening
 5. Bishop's opening
 6. Blumenfeld counter-gam.
 7. Bogo-indian def.
 8. Budapest gam.
 9. Caro-kann
10.Catalan system
11. Center gam.
12. Dutch def.
13. English opening
14. Evans gam.
15. Four knights game
16. French def.
17. Grunfeld def.
18. Italian game & Hungarian def.
19. King's gam.
20. King's indian def.
21. Latvian gam.
22. Nimzo-indian def.
23. Nimzowitsch def.
24. Old indian def.
25. Philidor's def.
26. Pirc-robatsch def.
27. Queen's gam.
28. Queen's indian def.
29. Queen's pawn game
30. Reti opening
31. Petroff's def.
32. Ruy lopez
33. Scandinavian def.
34. Scotch gam. & Ponziani's opening
35. Scotch game
36. Sicilian def.
37. Three knights game
38. Two knights def.
39. Vienna game
40. Volga gam.

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