Fischer World Champion!: The 1972 Fischer-Spassky World Championship Match

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Second edition 2003

In 1972 a boy from Brooklyn broke the hegermony of Soviet chess.

Bobby Fischer, the greatest genius the game had ever seen, completed his crusade against 'the commie cheaters' by defeating Boris Spassky in Reyjavik.

The match of the Century electrified the world. Chess was front page news everywhere. No one wanted to miss a word, a move or even the slightest detail about the struggle of Bobby Fischer against the terrifying superpower that for decades had exploited its superiority in chess as an irrefutable justification of communism.

The Cold War was still an everyday reality, and Fischer appealed to the masses. Bobby was handsome but lonely, brilliant but strange.

Almost a year before the first move was made at the board, the infighting started. Fischer stood firm in his whims and wishes. The world looked on in anxiety and anticipation as Bobby quarreled about the venue, the number of games, the prize-fund, the television rights, the cameras, the lighting, the chairs. Would the match be played at all?

The acclaimed classic Fischer World Champion! conveys the full drama of the Fischer-Spassky clash, both on and off the board.

Finally available in an English edition, it is a blow-by-blow account of the perplexing prelude to the match by the late Max Euwe, the then FIDE President. Euwe's diplomatic skills and iron will saved the match against incredible odds. 'Fischer World Champion!' features the original analyses of the games by Jan Timman, one of the world's finest analysts.

'Fischer World Champion!' will allow the reader to relive one of the great moments in chess history.

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Publication date : April 10, 2002
Number of pages : 160
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