Modernized: The King's Indian Defense: A Remarkable Journey in the KID!

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Grandmaster Dejan Bojkov of Bulgaria loves the King's Indian Defense

Having played it from his youth after reading Bronstein's great book on the Zurich 1953 International Tournament, his love for the Kings Indian Defense is on display throughout this volume, which is filled with creative ideas and strategies, tactics, and especially those shocking shots characteristic of the King's Indian.

The lines Bojkov recommends to you often involve giving up the center with ...e5xd4 and then using ...c7-c6 and eventually ...d6-d5 to break it all open at the right moment. 

The variations covered in this book include:

1. The Classical Variation
    1a The Flexibility in the Classical Variation
    1b The Glicoric System
    1c The Exchange System
    1d The Petrosian System 

2. The Samisch Variation
3. The Four Pawns Attack
4. The Averbakh System
5. The Bagirov Line
6. The Fianchetto System

This book not only contains many new ideas and novelties, but will significantly increase your understanding of the KID! With lots of exercises to test your growing skills.

Dejan Bojkov is a Bulgarian GM, rated 2544. He was Bulgarian national champion in 2009, and is a member of the Bulgarian national team. He was the long-time trainer of former world women`s champion Antoaneta Stefanova.

CHESS Magazine:
"Bojkov presents a full repertoire with his favourite opening. In contrast to many existing King's Indian repertoires, he isn't afraid to exchange in the centre with ..exd4 even when White hasn't fianchettoed on the kingside."

Maxim Dlugy, Chess Life Magazine:
"The author chooses one principled line against every system and shows how Black can get lively positions against even the most draw-inspired attempts. The choices are mostly off the beaten tracks, but in my opinion, all present a formidable challenge to the first player (..) All serious 1.d4 players will probably have to acquire it to be able to find holes in the author's analysis."

John Hartmann, British Chess Magazine:
"There is a lot of analysis packed into these pages, and a judicious mix of prose and moves makes for a comfortable read (..) A practical and well-executed take on a KI repertoire. Players looking to avoid a memorization contest in the ultra-main lines would do well to look here for inspiration."

Michael Goeller, ChessCafe:
"A very exciting book (..) A very sturdy and well-analyzed opening book – one that would be useful for players at all levels."

John Watson, The Week In Chess:
"Dejan Bojkov is becoming one of our most prominent writers/presenters on the chess scene (..) There are numerous fresh repertoire recommendations."

Glenn Flear, Yearbook 122:
"The repertoire, based on ‘open piece  play’  involving  an  early ...exd4, is original, and quite daring in that these lines were often considered to be an inferior approach to the more traditional one of ‘keeping the tension’. In order to justify such a radical choice the author has had to add-in a great deal of home analysis. I liked very much what I saw, as there was much to get one’s teeth into. Many of his ideas could be used in practice and would no doubt ruffle a few feathers. (..)The Exercises are a notable addition, and set at the right level to be challenging without being baffling. The inclusion of ‘Memory Markers’ is a clever idea, reinforcing the message and helping the reader to remember some key moments."

Dr W. Schweitzer, Rochade Europa Magazine:
"An up-to-date, exhaustiv
e and outstanding overview of all lines in the Kings Indian Defence by a real top-expert."

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Edition : Paperback
Publication date : January 1, 2014
Number of pages : 368
Publisher : Metropolitan Chess, Inc
Weight : 591 gram
ISBN : 9780985628109