School of Chess Tactics - Volume 2: Step by Step

Volume 2 in a new series to teach chess.
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Series of books "School of chess tactic. Step by step" are made for kids who are learning how to play chess.

Two volumes are available right now, customized for first and second year of chess education. Every book was created for specified level of chess progress to make systematized chess education step by step possible. 

The second volume of School of chess tactic. Step by step contains more difficult mates in one move with lots of pieces on the chessboard and mates in two moves. Inside you will find aprox. 290  tasks with places
to write your answers down. 

The series School of Chess Tactic. Step by step Vol. 1 – 3 helps younger players to arrange their education in the right, systematized and effective way. It’s customized for player from 0 to 1600 ELO.
Books are made as a notebooks, what's made them very handy, practical and easy to use. Books are made in two languages: english and german.

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Choose your edition : Paperback
Publication date : October 22, 2019
Number of pages : 92
Publisher : Caissa Editions
Weight : 118 gram