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Get the new issue with The Queen's Gambit, Alireza Firouzja and Bobby Fischer and save more than 50% on New In Chess magazine


  • for only $27,99 you will get 3 issues as an introductory subscription
  • you will get the new (2020#8) issue plus issues 2021#1 (in January) and 2021#2 (in March)
  • save more than 50% (regular price = 3 x $14,99 plus shipping costs)
  • get 300 pages of the best in chess 
  • game annotations by the best players on the planet
  • exclusive columns by Judit Polgar and Jan Timman
  • he digital edition is available for PC, iPad and iPhone and for Android tablet or phone

Your subscription will renew automatically. You will be charged every quarter for 2 issues of New In Chess at the regular subscription rate of $27,99. You can cancel anytime by sending us an email.

This offer is only valid for those who haven't been a subscriber in 2020

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January 1, 2021
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