The Tarrasch Formula: One Badly Placed Piece makes your Whole Position Bad.

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Dr. Siegbert Tarrasch was the first to formulate and express the rule that "if one pieces I badly placed, your whole game is bad". The genius of the phrase lies in its simplicity as well as its correctness. Properly applied, it is a significant addition to Steinitz's theory.

On the basis of this single axiom, various types of positions can be studied where the difference in force between the two sides is defined only by the difference in location between corresponding pieces.

Applying the Tarrasch Formula in this way develops and builds chess theory by emphasizing the interrelationship between the location of a pieces and its real power. Examine any modern textbook of chess strategy and you will see its lasting value.

The Tarrasch Formula is a fundamental and unifying principle that embraces familiar core concepts such as "good/bad bishop", "advantage of opposite-colored bishops in an attack", "superiority of knight over bishop" (and vice versa), and so forth.

Playing steadily to reduce the power of a single enemy piece, to "turn down the volume" until its normal voice become only a whisper, can provide enough advantage to win the game. Why? Because it is functionally the same as winning a piece.

Every chess player loves to have an extra piece. The Tarrasch Formula points the way toward having a virtual extra piece. Thinking of strategy in this way is a very useful part of your chess planning.

It offers a straightforward and effective method for improving your decision-making and move selection, as demonstrated in the games collected for the new book.

• Examine play against weak knights & bishops
• Zugzwang combinatorial game theory
• Philidor's Defense with the Palatnik Gambit
• 57 games to improve your decision-making and move selection.

International Grandmaster Sam Palatnik is co-author (with GM Lev Alburt) of three volumes in the best-selling "Comprehensive Chess Course" series:
-- Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player
-- Chess Strategy for the Tournament Player
-- The King in Jeopardy.

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