The Chess Manual of Avoidable Mistakes Vol. 1: Win More Games by Eliminating Errors

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In this book, the author shares the experiences, setbacks and successes of his career as a professional player.

Drawing on his own games, which encompass all stages of his career including that of strong grandmaster, he reveals his thought process at the critical moments and shows the reader how to avoid the most common mistakes.

The book consists of four main parts:
-- how to be more objective during a game
-- how to reduce the number of blunders
-- how to judge concrete moves and concessions
-- general tips to improve your chess results

Every chapter is followed by carefully selected exercises on the featured theme. The exercises will resemble a practical game as much as possible.

Romain Edouard, currently rated 2665, is part of the new generation of top French GMs. He became the European u-16 Champion, runner-up in the World and European u-I8 Championships. He was the French co-champion in 2012 and helped his team win 2nd place in the 2013 European Team Championship, earning a gold medal for his individual performance.

Chapter 1: Objectivity throughout a chess game
Exercises to Chapter 1
Chapter 2: General reasons for blundering
Exercises to Chapter 2
Chapter 3 Concrete moves and conces­­sions
Exercises to Chapter 3
Chapter 4: A few key tips to improve your results
Exercsises to Chapter 4
Solutions to all Exercises

Dennis Calder, Fide Instructor:
"Edouard writes about the errors he made in his games and the psychological factors that caused them. This leads him to his guiding principles which he formulates very clearly (..) Applying these principles while playing my latest tournament has immediately helped me (..) This book is very well structured, conveniently arranged and accesible."

Uwe Bekemann, German Correspondence Chess Federation:
“A good compilation of situations that causes mistakes. It gives also recommendations for avoiding mistakes and instructions how to implement them in practical game (..) Suitable as a reference book as well as a course for the teacher and the coach.”

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Publication date : January 1, 2014
Number of pages : 228
Publisher : Thinkers Publishing
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ISBN : 9789082256611