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U Cannot Be Serious

Avant-Garde Strategy in Chess


Defensive Tools

A Tournament Player's Manual


Tactical Training

Improve your sharpness!


Street Smart Chess

Playing well is a good start in chess, but you also need to be Street Smart.


Chess Improvement

It’s All In The Mindset


1500 Forced Mates

1500 Positions rife with tactical resources.


Your Jungle Guide to Chess Tactics

Sharpen your Tactical Skills!


How to Play Equal Positions

Make the next step in your chess development.


Desert Island Chess Puzzle Omnibus

400 Challinging Puzzles to Instruct and Entertain


Marvelous Modern Miniatures

2020 Games in 20 Moves or Less


To Exchange or Not?

The Ultimate Workbook


Grivas Opening Laboratory - Volume 4

Queen's Gambit, Ragozin Variation, Vienna Variation, Lasker Variation


World Champion Chess for Juniors

Learn From the Greatest Players Ever

As low as $20.95

Universal Chess Training

For Players of all levels.


How to Become a Candidate Master

A Practical Guide to Take Your Chess to the Next Level


Sherlock's Method

The Working Tool for the Club Player


The Power of Tactics - Volume 3

Calculate like Champions


600 Modern Chess Puzzles

Never-before-seen exercises to keep you sharp and expand your horizon.


Thinkers' Chess Academy with Grandmaster Thomas Luther - Volume 2

From Tactics to Strategy – Winning Knowledge


Magnus Wins With White

32 of Magnus Carlsen’s Most Instructive Games


Rewire Your Chess Brain

Endgame studies and mating problems to enhance your tactical ability


The Chess Toolbox

Practical Techniques Everyone Should Know

As low as $21.99

Mastering Chess Middlegames

Lectures from the All-Russian School of Grandmasters

As low as $18.99

Improve Your Chess Pattern Recognition

Key Moves and Motifs in the Middlegame

As low as $16.99

My System & Chess Praxis

His Landmark Classics in One Edition

As low as $21.99

A Modern Guide to Checkmating Patterns

Improve Your Ability to Spot Typical Mates

As low as $20.99

Mastering Positional Sacrifices

A Practical Guide to a Vital Skill in Chess

As low as $20.99

The Grandmaster Mindset

A First Course to Chess Improvement