Fritz 16: New Fritz: New Engine, New Friend

The new Fritz 16 is finally here!
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When is Chess the most enjoyable? When you win!

When Fritz entered his first tournaments some 25 years ago, humans still had a real chance of taking the engine down. Only a few years down the line, Fritz was already beating Grandmasters left, right and center, but ever since his 4:2 victory over Kramnik in 2006, Fritz has been considered unbeatable.

Who would want to play against him? In the case of Fritz 16, however, playing against an engine is now once again the very definition of fun! A host of features, including "assisted analysis", which gives you discreet visual hints as you move, and emoticons, which show Fritz's mood, are there to help you. Even with little knowledge of chess, you can enjoy many an exciting game, and more importantly, victory against Fritz. iI things don't work out, Fritz 16 shows you the combinations you might have missed directly after the game with the handy "tactical analysis" function, or you can dive right into "easy play" calculation training to hone your skills.

Fritz doesn't come up short when it comes to playing strength either- the new multiprocessor engine was developed by star programmer Vas Rajich ("Rybka") and is up there with the global elite!

  • compatible with Windows 10
  • installs on up to 3 computers!
  • a host of features, including assisted analysis, tactical analysis and easy play
  • stay mobile with Fritz 16. With a 6-month chessbase premium account included, you're guaranteed full access to the world of chessbase web apps
  • Fritz now annotates and analyzes as you play, immediately providing you with move-by-move summaries to replay after a game ends.

System requirements:
Pentium III 1 ghz, 2 GB Ram, Windows (supports xp (service pack 3), Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10), Directx9, 256 MB graphics card, dvd-rom drive, windows media player 9 and internet access for program activation.

More Information
Edition : DVD
Publication date : November 20, 2017
Number of pages : 0
Publisher : ChessBase
Weight : 80 gram